What is Houdini and why you should use it for your 3D project

Why your business needs 3D Animation

Most businesses these days use 3D and 2D animation to promote or explain a product or service. Animation is essentially drawn imagery brought to life through movement and dimension. 3D has the added power of making your business look more innovative and sophisticated in a highly visually appealing manner. When used in marketing or sales, your product or service can be explained faster and more effectively, which is great for a business’ image and in turn sales.

Houdini versus other 3D software

Most 3D animation software lets you create something, which means that once the project is completed, you can’t make any changes without starting over. This is time-consuming and therefore not very cost effective.  Houdini allows the designer to create a system for creating something (also known as proceduralism), which means you are able to create a model and have a system in place to control aspects of that model, i.e. colour, shapes and textures.

If you decide to do a simulation differently, there is no need to start over. You can simply change the node in Houdini to change that element of the simulation. The history of changes also becomes part of your system and workflow, as opposed to being temporarily stored, enabling flexible production.  Ultimately this will save you time and money.

Model/ object change in Houdini – visual effects don’t need to be changed 

Who is using Houdini

Well, we are… More Creative, in independent 3D Animation and Marketing Studio in Cape Town. Houdini has the capability to elevate your brand and make it stand out from the rest. Brands like Nike, Nissan and Jose Cuervo have produced commercials that use Houdini. But you don’t need a big brand budget to reach your audience. As a small agency we are able to offer tailormade marketing solutions that include everything from strategy through to final design, including copy-/ scriptwriting and sound. Mail us for a quote or if you are interested in collaborating on a marketing project.